The main disadvantages of the film “The High Seas: Monster of the Deep” (2022)

The main disadvantages of the film "The High Seas: Monster of the Deep" (2022)

Everyone knows director Andrew Trocchi, who directed such masterpieces as “The ABCs of Death,” “The Jungle,” “Predatory Waters: Trapped, The High Seas: New Victims? Yes of course you don’t, as these films have been seen by two people, not counting the director of course. But Trocchi does not give up trying to succeed in the director’s craft, so he gave birth to another film called “The High Seas: Monster of the Deep”.

This masterpiece immediately refers our viewers to “Meg: Monster of the Deep”, but this cheap film has nothing to do with “Shark Afterburner”. Just some distributors wanted to somehow drag the workers to the session, because there is nothing to see in the cinema anyway. And the film is really worthwhile. Even on the sites of some live casino south africa there are slots that are dedicated to this theme and this film.

Plot and features of the characters

“The Open Sea: Monster of the Deep” tells about four girls who decided to relax on an island in the ocean, swim on kayaks and fish. But their fishing trip is interrupted by a shark who decides to meet them and kill them at the same time. And since this is a horror film the director tries to scare the viewer from the very first scene, where the fiancé of one of the girlfriends drowned his beloved.

But this scene makes no sense, except that the protagonist has constant flashbacks and a fear of water. What does water and murder in the bathtub have to do with it? I feel like she should have started being afraid of men, not the ocean, don’t you think?

The heroines behave strangely, and that’s putting it mildly. For example, in the story, when the shark starts attacking people, one of the girls almost dies of fear, but a minute later she is a fearless warrior who rips the shark’s jaws off. Delirium and absurdity is evident in every frame of this absurdity. Talking about nothing or about something, but not at the right moments, listening to which is just torture. Yes and you are unlikely to be interested and understand what they are talking about. Also, our characters are constantly slowing down, which naturally irritates the evil fish.

I was rooting for the shark to eat these sailors as soon as possible. In general, I got the feeling that here it’s not a shark that attacks people, but a killer cyborg, who will calmly crawl out on land to tell the leather bags how annoying they are. All these attacks on humans are very drawn out. And it flips boats and chops wooden platforms into splinters, but it’s just a predator, not a shark. You know, in “The Meg: Monster of the Deep” at least there was a big shark, which really looked formidable, plus Jason Statham added colour.

Here and the painted shark is small, the plot is delusional, fanservice at all no. The scriptwriters drag the girls into the water so idiotically to create fear, but it’s all such childish babble, and together with the wooden faces it’s impossible to watch at all. You can’t even get a laugh out of the cheesiness here, because it’s just a bad story. I understand, you made a film for 50 rubles, but to try to write a normal story and play it could be? And just because of the budget there’s no point in saying anything about the grapheon. Although it’s the only thing that can be laughed at. I haven’t seen such a cheap film in a long time. Even our filmmakers with small budgets can do better.

Operator’s work and other nuances

There are questions about the cameraman too, because he has a special love for close-ups. Half of the film we are shown emotionless faces and it is done to build up the atmosphere, which is pumped up as much as they can and they can’t. Continuing the theme, the cameraman of the film is most likely blind. For example, there is a scene where a shark attacked the girls, one of them fell out of the boat and tried to climb back in. In the above water shot she has already climbed in, but in the underwater shot she is still floundering, completely submerged in the water. It would be all right, but these dramatic jerks in the water from different angles took forever.

In any case, though, the shark is somehow selective in killing its victims. Some of them are eaten immediately, some are dragged along the shore by the leg, some are simply pulled underwater without causing any harm to humans. How and why? But that’s okay, it was necessary for the plot and drama. What deserves special attention, however, is how the girls wanted to kill the shark in the final film. They put a dead fish on the anchor, the shark even fell for it and swallowed the anchor along with the rope and dragged their boat to the bottom. But it didn’t help.

After that, the blonde had a better idea. If the anchor didn’t work, then the shark could be caught in a net. So they caught it and killed it. That is, they calmly slew the monster of the deep, which attacks people almost above water, just by catching it in a net. If they had done it right away, no one would have died or been hurt and there would have been no drama. But apparently this kind of holiday with fishing and victims was originally planned.

And naturally after killing the poor shark there was a happy ending, everyone laughing and mourning the victims. What can I say? I just clap for the creators and sympathise with those who watched this magnificence in the cinema. Even the 1hbet commercial with Pennywise, who won millions of dollars, looks scarier than the whole film. I think those who have seen it will understand. “High Seas: Monster of the Deep” is not a horror film, it’s just something inarticulate. I hope the guys at least had fun, had a lot of fun swimming on set, because they obviously won’t make any money.

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