Biography of Don Severino Fabriani

Short Biography of Don Severino Fabriani

The servant of God was born in Spilamberto in the Archdiocese of Modena Italy in 1792. He entered the seminary in Modena at the age of fourteen and was ordained a priest at twenty-two. His superiors saw him worthy of teaching in the seminary: therefore, he was retained after his ordination in the seminary. When he got to thirty years, he was attacked by a serious illness called aphonia and as a result, he lost his voice completely. Biography of Don Severino Fabriani

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As a result of the priest loosing his voice & his physical condition, the seminary compelled him to stop his priestly ministry and was subjected to live mostly in isolation.
Nevertheless, In 1823 Don Severino Fabriani was invited by a priest friend to be the caretaker of a deaf and dump young girl named Santa Bonvicini, admitted into Charity Schools for the poor children in the city.

In 1824 he was appointed the director of the school for the deaf and dump girls whose number was on the increase rapidly. The devoted servant of God Don Severino Fabriani, was assisted and supported in the education of the deaf and dump girls by teachers from the daughters of Jesus.
In 1828, he founded the congregation of the Daughters of Providence for the Deaf and Dump.

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The devoted Servant of God died in Modena on 27 August, 1849. He was buried in the crypt of the Church of Paradise. In 1937, his mortal remains were transferred to the chapel of the Sisters of the Daughters of Providence for the Deaf and Dump.

The work founded by the devoted Servant of God has been progressing in Italy and since 1976 the same charisma has spread to other countries: Brazil, Sri Lanka and Nigeria.

The spirituality of the Servant of God was characterized by a great trust in the Providence and this is also expressed in the name chosen for the sisters: Daughters of Providence.

Another characteristic feature prominent in him was dedication to the education, teaching and religious formation of the deaf and dump. He dedicated his entire life for this particular apostolate.

The Father Founder chose the symbol of the pelican for its deep meaning of unconditional self-giving of his daughters to the deaf and dump, which is expressed in their fourth vow: total dedication of self to the teaching and serving the Deaf.

O God, You en-kindled the love for the Deaf in the heart of Don Severino Fabriani, and You inspired him to found the “Daughters of Providence” and through them You renew daily the merciful Effata of Your Son, may You glorify Your faithful servant and through His intercession, grant us the grace (mention your intention). We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!


Biography of Don Severino Fabriani

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